Family English Club

Discussions with Native English Speakers
Taganskaya, Sokol, Tretyakovskaya, Kievskaya

Family English Club

Discussions with Native English Speakers Taganskaya, Sokol, Tretyakovskaya, Kievskaya
Family English Club for parents and kids. If you want to socialize and discuss interesting topic in English and you have a baby, toddler or child with you, then Mums' English is your place!

While parents are busy at their 'adult' table, our professional teachers will play active
games, make some interesting craftwork, learn an English song and finish it all up with a cooking workshop!
English discussion club
Friendly environment
Cozy cafes and nannies and games for babies and children
Only professional teachers who know how to make any discussion interesting and engaging.
Grahame Branch
(United Kingdom)
A very enthusiastic teacher with a great experience in conducting conversational clubs. He is fond of swimming, chess and golf, and can speak about cuisines of different countries with an enthusiasm, as he used to work as a cook in a restaurant in the past. You can also talk about kids with him as he is a proud father of two daughters. He has a CELTA certificate.
Rachel Frecka
Mother of four children who has lived in Russia for 17 years already. All of her kids are homeschooling and play musical instruments. Rachel is fond of fitness, music, she likes to walk around Moscow and knows a lot about the city.
Justin Currington
Justin is an incredibly caring father of two boys: Matthew (2.5 years old) and Eli (4 months). As all Canadians he is fond of hockey and can watch games all night long. He does not like social networks - you won't find him on Facebook or Vkontakte. He speaks almost no Russian and students can feel a full English during meetings with him. He is also CELTA qualified.
Hugh McEnani

Hugh has been living in Moscow since 2007. He became a private teacher after receiving CELTA certificate and worked in several language school around Moscow.
Hugh is a passionate patriot of Ireland and is also a certified trainer of laughter yoga.

They are students and graduates of Moscow linguistic universities with huge experience in dealing with babies. Some of them worked in children's camps, worked as animators or had many younger siblings in their families.

All of them are very fond of kids and while mums are at a conversational club nannies will sing English songs, read English books to your children, or simply talk about the world around - all in English!
Meeting moderators from US, UK and Canada
Friendly atmosphere. Community of active parents
Small groups (up to 8 families)

1.5 hours of games in English with experienced nannies for your kids.
Exchanging experiences with other mums.
Authentic English environment.
New ideas, unique experience
Cozy cafes in convenient locations
Every Saturday

Family speaking club with native speaker

The English level for adults at least intermediate

Osteria Mario, Zemlyanoy Val, 9
Details and registration

Christmas Family Brunch

Welcome to our English Christmas Family Brunch! Enjoy three hours of games, workshops, lectures, a book fair and Christmas raffle – and all in English!

Novyy Arbat 15, Moscow
Check in
11:00 - 12:20

Taganskaya Metro
Voronsovskaya St. 24/6, build. 1
Happy People Club
Justin Currington (Canada)
11:00 - 12:20

Kuzminki metro
Vasiltsovsky Stan, 11
Komnaty Anticafe
Grahame Brunch (UK)
11:30 - 13:00

Sokol Metro
Leningradsky Prospect 74
Anderson Café
Justin Currington (Canada)

Kievskaya Metro
B. Dorogomilovskaya St. 14-1
Native Speakers Café
Christine (US)
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When I first came I thought I would try, but unlikely continue, however, at the end I decided to continue. The language used during the class was English with only limited writing exercises, which was advantageous for me as I was lacking conversational English as many others who studied at post-Soviet school. British English is extremely beautiful and understandable and mellifluous.

The atmosphere was pleasant and engaging. My son surprised me by staying quit for long time in a sling/ergobabycarrier, and then for long time he was crawling in the game room, thus in spite of two children I could study almost like everyone else. The whole atmosphere was sincere, the children had fun, and we received beautiful photos as a bonus.

We liked it and we will come again!
Masha (6 y.o.), Slava (9 months)
It was great! For the mother on maternity leave it was a holiday from one side and coming out from the other, relaxation in combination with such incentives! The first lesson was very pleasant, the tutor created a warm atmosphere in the class, helped to get into conversation, he had a great sense of humour!
Children loved their moustached babysitter Roma, he did a great job! From time to time the organizers also helped. It was a smart decision to locate the game room separately, but at the same time very close to us: you could observe and hear your child.

Personally, I'm glad that in these cold grey days you may get out of your home and enjoy your time!
Anastasia Vorobyeva
Vova (1.y.o)
It is such a forgotten and pleasant feeling when you start THINKING in English! The last time I felt that was at university, when we had several hour long language classes on a day-to-day basis.
And today when I came home, I realized that I was planning and communicating with my child in English while I was washing my dishes!

Fantastic feeling!!!
Elena Polikarpova
Nikita (2,5 y.o.)
Our Mums' English meetings turned my English on again!
After not using English for some time, when all words and constructions were perfectly hidden in the unconscious, it seemed to me that it was impossible to pull them out. But meeting after meeting I realized that after the class we were standing and communicating about work. In English.
One word led to another and during each meeting we started to use «Thank you» and «Good bye». It was not just a lesson, but a meeting of friends at the big table drinking coffee or tea with someone's kid running to eat «syrniki» ... And yes for me, a mother on maternity leave, it was probably the only place where I could take my highheels for a walk.
Tima (3 y.o.)
I enjoy attending this class as it distracts me from my household duties, but it allows me to have some quality time and not to think who should I leave my child with.
I like the friendly atmosphere in the class and most importantly my child is close by and can be seated to our table at any time and other mothers will accept that understandingly.
Arseny (1 y.o.)
The lesson was easy, the time just got away. Even my daughter who usually always followed me, enjoyed her time in the play room (thanks to attentive babysitters, who made every effort to engage her).
I liked the class with the native speaker, that means no Russian is used!

And the group of mothers was just great!
Vita Vinokur
Ksenia (11 months)
Communication and self-fulfilment are two things mothers are lacking on maternity leave. Thank you very much Mums' English for the opportunity to continue studying and progress with the child. It's great that our teachers are native speakers. It was always interesting for me to communicate with a person from a different culture with a different worldview, which stimulates using English instead of Russian during discussions.

Our teachers always bring up interesting questions, usually mom-related, and try to present the material in an interesting or play format.

It's great that slowly our children are getting engaged in the language learning process. Since the beginning of classes my English has improved - I'm not afraid to start talking, I began to understand more ... Of course this is an opportunity to come to a nice place with your child, which you cannot do often in Russian reality.
Kasia (15 months)


You are welcome to join and enjoy:
  • Conversational practice
  • English language environment and games for children
  • Comfy and friendly atmosphere

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How is the meeting structured?
Every meeting lasts for 1.5 hours and is devoted to one topic announced in advanced. We finish our meetings by learning and singing a song for kids together with the little ones!
How many people are there in a group?
8 adults maximum
Why should I join you?
Practice English and discuss interesting topics, meet other local mums, get your kid immersed in the language!

What language level should I have?
We recommend that you have at least intermediate English. You may pass online test to know your level here:
If you have any or questions you can always call us at +7 985 252 77 38
How much does it cost?
One-time classes (adult + child) costs RUB1800
Second child - RUB800
One-time classes (adult only) costs RUB900
A block of:
4 meetings costs RUB6600
8 meetings costs RUB12600
The price includes a conversation club for adults, a cup of tea and English-speaking babysitter for your baby. You will get RUB500 discount if you buy two blocks of lessons at a time or bring a friend to a meeting.

Do I have to order something at the restaurant?
No, it's not necessary. A cup of tea is usually included in the price of a meeting. But all the places where we meet have a kids' menu and you can at any moment have something yourself your feed your child.

What if I do not have children?
Our English meetings are targeted at everyone who wants to have fun chatting in English!

Bonus for parents who travel a lot

50 English phrases you may need to know when traveling with a child

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