July 1, 2017
English Musical Picnic
This time we had a special guest from London - Vera Shattock, a mother of 1 y.o. Aleksansra, who brought along her guitar and sing classic English nursery rhymes for us!

Our creative friends, Wonderland Kids studio, organized fun games for the older kids (4-8 y.o.) and Bookvaed Shop (@bookvaed, displayed their collection of English books and it was possible to buy books too!

Programme of the day:
11.00-11.30 - guests arrive
11.30-12.15 - singing with Vera Shattock (children 0-4)
Download lyrics:
12.30-13.00 - English games with Wonderland Kids (children 4-8)
13.00-13.20 - how to choose books and make reading fun (Anna Merkuryeva from Bookvaed
13.20-14.00 - free time, snacks, book fair, Mums' English book library, family photo time with a professional photographer
14.00- lottery (a chance to win great English books)

Lots of the raffle were:
- 4 lessons at Native Speakers Café
- 4 lessons at Baby-Bilingual
- free week at Частный детский сад Sun School
- certificates and materials for play at home from Wonderland Kids
- discounts to an immersion summer camp from
- 4 meetings at Клуб английского языка Mums' English

60 parents and 60 kids attended the event – see photos from the picnic
May 18, 2017
Guided Trip to VDNKh with a historian Victoria Vasilyeva
She told us about the history of the Soviet architecture and shared a lot of stories connected with this greatest and most well known Moscow exhibition centre.

See photos from the guided trip
May 14, 2017
Family Brunch for Parents and Kids
We heard a great motivational speech by language coach Keney Morales, a father of 2 fully trilingual kids and the founder of

Smart kids? We'd be smart to reject a one-number-fits-all notion as the final word on our kids' brain power.
What does it mean to be smart? Parents want to know if their kid is smart. And they want their kid to be smart. Many ingredients make up the human intelligence stew. I will be sharing some of the most important ones that you would do well to consider as you contemplate your beloved child's intellectual gifts so you can contribute not only to making your kids academically successful, which is a better guarantee of one part of their future, but also happy.

There was also also a 30 mins play time for kids with an English teacher Maria Belevantseva (with such games as 'What's in the bag', 'Simon says', 'Hot potato' etc.)

See photos from the meeting
April 2, 2017
English Brunch No. 2
Dear English speaking parents! Mums' English Club and Olga Tomilina, the owner of SunShool at Reutov, would like to invite you again to a casual meeting for mums, dads and their kids who speak English (may be French of Spanish too?) The parents will be making friends, discussing parenting tips and experiences, professional and leisure topics and our kids will play in the playroom, also making friends between each other under the supervision of English speaking babysitters.

Marina Rolinskaja, a mother of a bilingual 2y.o. Nikita has kindly agreed to hold an open lesson for kids during our brunch! She has a lot of experience of teaching children and will be happy to share her experience with us!

See photos
March 24, 2017
The guided tour in English around the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts
February 18, 2017
Seminar on teaching English at home with Maria Belevantseva + workshop
December 2016
Guided tour for mums and children to Tsaritsino Palace
September 2016
English Picnic at Muzeon Park
Lesson for kids, discussion with Steve Stone, theatre workshop from Flying Bananas, raffle and snacks.

See photos from the picnic
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