Fit as a fiddle
Please, be ready to discuss the following points:

1. A recent genetics study of lab rats seems to suggest that the motivation to exercise – or not – may be partly inherited, at least for small rodents. Perhaps some of us are born to enjoy exercise, while others – not so much. Do you like to exercise? How do feel while you are exercising? What about afterward?

2. What kind of exercise do you mostly do? Do you play sports? Work out in a gym? Run, dance, walk or go bike riding? How often do you exercise? Do you wish you exercised more?

3. Why do you exercise? What benefits of sport and exercise are more important for you?

- to make your body more flexible - to relax - to stay healthy

- to reduces anxiety/stress/aggression - to feel good - to increase strength

- to meet new people - to lose weight - to look better

- better ability to fight colds and illness - to sleep better - more energy

4. Which of these activities have you tried? How long did you practice it? Why did you stop?

- surfing - yoga - tennis

- martial arts - belly dancing - snowboarding

- wake boarding - horse riding - capoeira

- ballroom dancing - meditation - figure skating

5. Comment on the statements. Do you agree or disagree?

Regular exercise is a critical part of staying healthy.

Climbing stairs instead of taking elevator and walking for 30 minutes a day can replace physical exercise.

Strong muscles and a beautiful body indicate you are in good health.

Exercise cannot be harmful.

If you didn't exercise when you were young it's pointless to start when you are older.

You need a gym membership to get results, home workouts give you nothing.

The health and fitness benefits of mind-body exercise like Tai Chi and yoga are questionable.

As long as you exercise you can eat anything you want.

6. What sports did you do when you were a child? Are there any specific sports you want to put your children in?

7. What are the most common excuses for not exercising? What excuses have you used? What advice would you give someone who wants to start exercising regularly but lacks the motivation?

8. What do you think about the exercise pill (go to page 3 for details)? Are you excited with this news? Would you try the new pills if they were on sale? What other pills would you be tempted to try (e.g. intelligence pill, health pill, English pill, no-sleep pill etc)?


a part of your daily routine – то, что вы делаете регулярно

alive and kicking – жив и здоров; полон жизни

as pale as a ghost – бледный как полотно

belly fat – жир на животе

dumbbells – гантели

endurance – выносливость

exercise bike – велотренажёр

fit – в хорошей физической форме

fit as a fiddle – быть в отличной физической форме

flat stomach – плоский живот

gym – спортивный зал

gym rat – человек, который не вылезает из спортзала (My dad has become a huge gym rat since his retirement. He goes almost every day and can spend up to three hours there!)

in good shape – в хорошей форме

love handles; spare tire – жировые складки на талии

muscular – мускулистый

personal trainer – личный тренер

press-ups – отжимания

ripped – с рельефной, чётко выраженной мускулатурой

sit-ups – приседания

six-pack abs – пресс "кубиками"

slim waist – тонкая талия

to build abs – накачать пресс

to burn (oneself) out – вымотаться, дойти до предела из-за чрезмерной нагрузки

to burn off calories – сжигать калории

to burn off stress – избавляться от стресса

to do crunches – качать пресс

to feel stiff the next day – когда не можешь разогнуться на следующий день

to get fit – привести себя в хорошую физическую форму

to jog – бегать

to join a gym, to get a gym membership – записаться в спортзал

to look the picture of health – он пышет здоровьем

to pay off – приносить свои плоды (All those workouts are paying off.)

to pull a muscle – потянуть мышцу

to pump iron, to lift weights – качаться, тягать железо (Let's go pump some iron after lunch so we can look good at the beach tomorrow.)

to shape up, to get back into shape – привести себя в форму

to shed weight – сбросить вес

to start a regular exercise routine – начать регулярные тренировки

to stretch after exercising – растянуться после тренировки

to take a run – пойти на пробежку

to take a stroll around the park – прогуляться по парку

to warm up before you run – разогреться перед пробежкой

to work out – заниматься спортом, фитнесом, тренироваться

treadmill – беговая дорожка

two sets of ten reps – два подхода по 10 раз

workout – тренировка

Exercise in a Pill: Would You Take It?

US researchers say they have developed a pill that makes you fit without exercising. Scientists at California's Salk Institute for Biological Studies tested a new drug on genetically engineered "marathon mice" that could run non-stop for hours. They then developed a pill that could reproduce the positive effects of the running. Researcher Professor Ronald Evans said the pill helps cells burn fat quicker and at the same time boosts energy levels. The new discovery could benefit those who do not get the recommended 40 minutes of exercise per day. Professor Evans said: "If you're out of shape, and most of us are…you have to do some exercise… If there was a way to mimic exercise, it would make the quality of exercise [we] have much more efficient."

Fitness experts are unconvinced by the new discovery. They say there is no substitute for real exercise and a balanced, healthy diet. However, it seems there would be enormous appeal for a pill that does away with the need for strenuous workouts or sweating it out jogging. If the effects can be reproduced in humans, it could become one of science's biggest money-spinners. It could additionally reduce a large number of diseases related to obesity and seriously cut the number of hospital patients. Scientists also say such a medicine could be used to treat muscle-wasting diseases. The pills are still in the experimental stage, however the researchers say they have a relatively simple chemical structure and can be synthesized easily.
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