Gender Stereotypes
  1. Men are stoic.
  2. Men express more anger.
  3. Men show emotion to communicate dominance.
  4. Men are overwhelmed by women's expressions of emotion.
  5. Unlike women men are not obsessed with getting maried.
  6. Men are more obsessed with sex.
  7. Men do not care about cleaning up - they can live in a pighouse full of cigarette stumps and beer.
  8. Men are more careful drivers.
  9. Men seldom cry, unlike women.
  10. Men generally do not take care of babies. They pass it on to women.
  11. Men are sports fans.
  12. Men are born bosses.
  13. Women are more emotionally expressive.
  14. Women are more emotionally responsive.
  15. Women are more empathetic.
  16. Women are more sensitive to others' feelings.
  17. Women are more obsessed with having children.
  18. Women express their feelings without constraint, except for the emotion of anger.
  19. Women pay more attention to body language.
  20. Women judge emotions from nonverbal communication better than men do.
  21. Women express more love, fear, and sadness.
  22. Women laugh, gaze, and smile more.
  23. Women anticipate negative consequences for expressing anger and aggression.
  24. Women are afraid of insects.
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