Rich dad, poor dad
Please, be ready to discuss the following points:

1. How much money do you need to earn to live a comfortable life in Moscow?

2. Is it possible to start out poor, work hard and become well-off? Do you think it is getting easier or harder than it used to be?

3. If a young person wanted to know what career they should pursue to make as much money as possible, what would you recommend they do?

4. What are the best and worst things about being wealthy?

5. Comment on the statements below. Do you agree or disagree?

People who are too poor to provide comfortable life to their children should not be allowed to have more children.

Anyone can get rich.

Living on the streets and begging is basically a choice.

The system is unfair, poor people can't escape their situations because the system keeps them poor and gives the rich all the advantages in life.

6. Are there homeless people near where you live? Do you ever give them money or food?

7. What assumptions do we often make about people living in poverty? Do you have compassion for the poor or do you think that they are just lazy and do not want to work?

8. Would you give money or help in these situations?

A woman knocks at your door collecting money for the people of Donbass. She has an official ID badge.

A little boy offers to clean your shoes in the street for 20 rubles.

A woman holding a baby asks for money on the street.

A rather dirty-looking person asks to 'borrow' 50 rubles for the metro.

You're at traffic lights, a young man washes your windscreen without asking you, then asks for money.

You're in a restaurant and a woman comes in with flowers and asks if you want to buy one for your girlfriend.

9. In France if your income is between €11,992 - €26,631, your income tax is 14%, if you make more than €151,200 a year, your income tax is 45%. Do you think this tax scale is fair? Should the rich pay a higher tax rate and contribute more to the society?

10. What do you think about income redistribution? Do the wealthy have the duty and the responsibility to give back some of their wealth to benefit the less fortunate?

11. How much of an advantage do you think young people from wealthy families have over young people from poor families when it comes to getting ahead in this country?


poverty trap – "ловушка бедности" the situation of being unable to escape poverty because of being dependent on state benefits, which are reduced by the same amount as any extra income gained

the needy – нуждающиеся

money is tight\short of money – денег не хватает

to live from hand to mouth – кое-как сводить концы с концами

too live on the breadline\on the poverty line – на грани нищеты

deprived – живущий в нищете, обездоленный

destitute – нуждающийся

impoverished – доведённый до нищеты

illiteracy – неграмотность

malnutrition – голодание, недоедание

income redistribution – перераспределение доходов

to live on welfare – жить на социальную помощь от государства

homeless shelter – приют для бездомных

soup kitchen – столовая для бездомных

filthy rich – неприлично богат

dirt poor – влачащий нищенское существование

frugal – экономный

to pile up debt – копить долги

well-off, wealthy – состоятельный, при деньгах, зажиточный

loaded – (slang) при деньгах, богатый

to tighten your belt – затянуть пояса

to live in the lap of luxury – жить в роскоши

to make ends meet – сводить концы с концами

I get by on what I earn – на жизнь хватает

to support the family – содержать семью

to live beyond one's means – жить не по средствам

broke\ flat broke – без денег, на мели; разорившийся

comfortably off – не испытывающий материальных затруднений

financially savvy – подкованный в вопросе финансов

nest egg – заначка

rags to riches – из грязи в князи

rob Peter to pay Paul – отдать одни долги, сделав новые

cheapskate, shortskate – жмот

they don't have two pennies to rub together – они сводят концы с концами

thrifty – экономный, бережливый

to be reckless with money – безответственно обращаться с деньгами

to cut back on smth – уменьшить расходы на что-л.

to have money to burn\to be made of money\ to have deep pockets – денег куры не клюют

to inherit a fortune – унаследовать состояние

to live off someone / something – жить за счет кого-л.\чего-л.

to live paycheck to paycheck – жить от зарплаты до зарплаты

to live within your means – жить по средствам

to make a killing – сорвать куш, разбогатеть (He made a killing on the stock market.)

to pay off your debts – расплатиться с долгами

to run into debt – залезть в долги

to save for a rainy day – откладывать на черный день

to shell out – раскошеливаться

to squander money – расточать деньги

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