Travel, education, self-development

Where do you like to go on your last trip?

Where would you like to go on your next trip?

What's your favorite lifehack for traveling moms?

What's the biggest challenge you face when traveling with your children?

Where did you spend your last vacation? What did you do?

What are some things you always take with you on a trip?

Do you prefer package tours or making your own trip?

What are some of the benefits of traveling alone?

What is the longest journey you have ever made?

What are some of the best and worst things about traveling with children?

Where is the most amazing place you have been?

Where are the best places for traveling with kids?

What is the best and worst thing about traveling to a new country?

What kinds of food do you eat when traveling? Do you like tasting new foods?

What is the strangest food you've seen or eaten while traveling?

What do you like to do while you are traveling? (i.e. relax, shop, sight see, experience local culture…)

Who in your family travels the most?

What popular travel destination do you want to avoid?

How adventurous are you when you travel?

Do you try to learn some of the local language before you travel to a new country? What phrases do you try to learn?

What is the longest trip you've taken?

What do you miss most when you are traveling?


What comes to mind when you hear the word 'education'?

Do you think you had a good education?

Was there a high standard of education at your schools?

Do you think the quality of education is slipping?

What kind of education do you want for your children?

Would you like for your children to have the same kind of education you did?

What do you think of the idea of all education being online?

What do you think of the idea of boys-only or girls-only schools?

What do you think of homeschooling?

Do you think you learned more from your school or from your parents?

How involved should parents be in their children's school life?

In which country do you think you can receive the best education?

What is the purpose of children's education? Put these in order of importance.

• • To give children skills.

• • To teach children facts.

• • To indoctrinate children in the moral values of the society in which they live.

• • To teach children how to get along with others.

• • Other

If you were giving advice to a young person about useful subjects to study, what would you recommend?


What does self-development mean to you?

What areas do you think you need to improve in? why?

Why do you want self-developement?

What would you do if fear wasn't holding you back?

Who are your role models?

What is your purpose or mission in life? Do you need one?

If you could only achieve 20% of everything you currently want in life, what would they be?

What is my greatest fear? Would my life be better without it? Am I willing to overcome it?

What is the one thing that will bring more satisfaction and contentment in your life? What have you done in the past month to attain it? What will you do in the next month to attain it?

What are the five or less things that you must do before you die?

What would happen if you didn't care what other people thought about you?

How would your life be different if you stopped caring about all the things you can't control?

What is my greatest weakness that I must to overcome?

How do I define myself (without using profession as an identity)?

What would I be doing if money wasn't an issue?

What value can I give to others? (In other words: Why should people care about you?)


1. Hobbies

Everybody has hobbies, and everybody loves talking about them. Hobbies could be passions too, you know. Some simple questions to ask include:

What are your hobbies?

Why do you like your hobbies so much?

How often do you do these hobbies?

How long have you been doing these hobbies, and how did you get started?

What hobbies did you used to have, but now do not?

Is it important to have hobbies? Why/why not?

2. Time

As people get older, their perceived value of time increases, so it's a practical topic that everyone has something to say about. You could ask questions like:

How much free time do you usually have?

How important is time to you?

If you had more free time, what would you do?

"Time is money." Do you agree or disagree? Why?

How do you feel about time that is wasted?

3. Sleep

As people get older, they start to appreciate a good night's sleep more and more. This topic is often a favorite for all. Some example questions are:

How much sleep do you usually get?

Why do some people sleep well while other people do not sleep well?

What do you do when you have trouble sleeping?

What time do you usually go to sleep? What time do you usually get up?

Have you ever slept in a strange place that was not a bed?

4. Music

Everybody loves music and most people feel very strong emotions towards it—especially when it comes to the music that they love (or hate) most. Some simple questions to ask could be:

What types of music do you like/dislike?

How do certain kinds of music make you feel?

What types of music come from your country?

What's your favorite song/album/artist?

What music is popular in your country right now?

5. First Dates

Unless you're teaching in a place where arranged marriages are the thing to do, talking about first dates gets everybody interested. We've all been there. You could ask questions like:

How many first dates have you had?

How do you feel about first dates?

What is a common first date like in your country?

What is the best/worst first date experience you've ever had?

What makes a good first date in your opinion?

6. Work

Lots of people work and have lots to say about it. I mean, if you're spending about a third of your waking hours at work, you may have lots to say. Some good questions are:

What work do/did you do?

How do/did you like the work?

What is your dream job?

What work is common in your city/area/country?

What is your general view about work? Why?

7. Risk

Everyone feels a certain way about risk. Some are risk-oriented, others are risk-averse. Talking about risks seems to generate some good conversation. You could ask questions like:

What is your definition of risk?

Are you a risk taker? Why/why not?

What are the advantages/disadvantages of taking risks?

What risks do you come across in your work/life?

What risks have you taken in your life?

8. Food

Food is possibly the most universal topic of them all and everyone loves to discuss what they eat. This is also an ideal topic for beginners because the vocabulary is usually pretty simple. You could use questions like:

What is your favorite food? Why?

What food comes from your country?

How do you feel when you eat food?

What foods do you dislike? Why?

Where do you usually get food from?

9. Motivation

Whether or not the students are a motivated bunch, motivation is a good topic to discuss in order to inspire your students. Some example questions are:

How motivated are you in general?

What motivates you to do things?

What is the best motivator to succeed?

What do you do when you feel demotivated?

What is a good way to motivate others?

10. Beauty

Beauty is one of those topics that's conventionally more geared toward women than it is to men. However, anyone can appreciate beauty in all its forms, and anyone can recognize the importance of the concept of beauty in our cultures, societies and behaviors. Plus, men might surprise you by caring to chime in on beauty, looks and grooming.

This makes it a good topic to discuss to get some opinions and various views within a group of students. You could ask questions like:

What is "beauty"?

What/who do you consider beautiful?

What does "inner beauty" mean to you?

Do you consider artificial beauty (cosmetic surgery) to still be beauty? Why/why not?

How do you feel about the emphasis that people put on beauty these days?

What would you tell your children about beauty?

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